Adventure Presents: Tiny in the Tower

Released 27th February 2023

Adventure Presents: Tiny in the Tower


You are a group of courageous adventurers who have been called upon to investigate the disappearance of a local wizard, the great and powerful Zura Zathra.

Zura hasn’t returned from her tower for the last two days, and there’s enough volatile and dangerous magic at play to make the tower too perilous for anyone other than a group of brave adventurers to explore. Just be sure to watch your footing – who knows what strange concoctions Zura may have left lying around!

Written by Rose Whittaker and illustrated by JJ AriosaTiny in the Tower is a cosy fantasy RPG sure to enchant experienced players and new adventurers alike. Everything you need to run this stand-alone fantasy RPG is included within a single magazine!

This magazine splits apart into the following booklets:

  • The Adventure booklet details the three-chapter story
  • The How to Play booklet explains all the core rules
  • The Special Rules booklet explains the rules unique to this adventure
  • The Allies booklet covers all the cooperative critters in this adventure
  • The Antagonists booklet covers all the fearsome foes in this adventure
  • The two Map handouts show off the world of the adventure
  • The six Character Sheets, each featuring a unique Protagonist

Both print and PDF editions include a free digital asset pack with everything you need to play remotely.

The All-In Bundle

The All-In Bundle gives you the Print and PDF versions of both Tiny in the Tower and The Burglar of Brackwood prologue adventure, as well as a set of six custom six-sided dice themed to this issue of Adventure Presents!



Written by
Rose Whittaker
Art by
JJ Ariosa
Suggested Ages
Magazine Contents
20-page Adventure booklet
Rules booklet
Special Rules booklet
Allies booklet
Antagonists booklet
2 Map handouts
6 Character Sheets
All-In Bundle Contents
Adventure Presents: Tiny in the Tower Printed Magazine
Adventure Presents: Tiny in the Tower PDF
Adventure Presents: Tiny in the Tower: The Burglar of Brackwood Printed Prologue
Adventure Presents: Tiny in the Tower: The Burglar of Brackwood PDF
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