Tiny in the Tower

Released 19th October 2022

Tiny in the Tower
Tiny in the Tower


The Adventure Presents series is back with a brand new issue!

Written by Rose Whittaker and illustrated by JJ Ariosa, Tiny in the Tower is a cosy fantasy RPG sure to enchant experienced players and new adventurers alike.

The game is coming to Kickstarter in November – sign up at the Kickstarter pre-launch page to get notified when the campaign launches!

Praise for Adventure Presents: Tartarus Gate

This is really, really neat… I might go as far as to say this is my favourite new format for roleplaying games that I’ve seen in some time!

Shut Up & Sit Down

A true pick-up-and-play RPG

Tabletop Gaming Magazine

Adventure Presents Tartarus Gate – A Roleplaying Game of Sci-Fi Horror is an impressive first issue, an attractive package that is easy to pick up, prepare, and run—it could be ready to play in thirty minutes!

Review from R’lyeh

Written by
Rose Whittaker
Art by
JJ Ariosa
Suggested Ages

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