Tartarus Gate RPG

Released 25th June 2021

Tartarus Gate RPG


This is really, really neat… I might go as far as to say this is my favourite new format for roleplaying games that I’ve seen in some time!

Shut Up & Sit Down

A true pick-up-and-play RPG

Tabletop Gaming Magazine

Adventure Presents Tartarus Gate – A Roleplaying Game of Sci-Fi Horror is an impressive first issue, an attractive package that is easy to pick up, prepare, and run—it could be ready to play in thirty minutes!

Review from R’lyeh

Writers Grant Howitt & Chris Taylor (Heart, Spire, Honey Heist) join artist Pye Parr for a brand new game of sci-fi horror. Tartarus Gate is a complete RPG for up to seven players, designed to last three to four sessions, with the possibility to extend beyond into the world you’ve created. The game includes everything you need to play in person or online.

It’s the year 2130. You are an unpaid intern aboard the transport ship Charon, entrusted with shepherding cargo from Earth to the Tartarus Gate Waystation. Visual feeds with the lower decks have gone down. Something is moving. You’re six months’ travel from the nearest help. And you really need to impress your employer if you want to be made permanent.

Both print and PDF editions include a free digital asset pack with everything you need to play remotely.

Written by
Grant Howitt & Chris Taylor
Art by
Pye Parr
Suggested Ages
Teen/Adult (some content may be unsuitable for younger players)
24 page Adventure Booklet
4 page Rules Sheet
8 page GM's Reference
Six 4 page Character Sheets
Two copies of additional map handouts