Block Mania, the classic two-player game of manic destruction in
Mega-City One, is back with this limited edition printing.


About Block Mania

The classic ’80s game is back with a brand new limited edition printing of Block Mania and Mega Mania!

Block Mania is a face-paced game of manic destruction, set in the world of Mega-City One, home of Judge Dredd. Each player controls the citizens of an entire Mega-City block, as they attempt to destroy the block next door – or at least do a lot of damage before the Judges arrive and stop all the fun!

During the game all kinds of things will happen; Armed mobs wreak havoc in the plazas and block parks; obese fatties trundle forward, flattening everything in their path; highly trained, well-armed City-Def units infiltrate the neighbouring block and try to blow it to smithereens; Vigilantes commandeer Sky-Rail cars and mount hit & run raids; and much, much more.

With the Mega Mania expansion you can increase the player count from 2 to 4, bringing even more mayhem to your tabletop. We’ve even included the Happy Hour expansion in the box for the first time, adding Robo-Dogs, Sucker Guns, and trip mines to the fray!