Designed by original Dread writer Epidiah Ravachol, Dread: Dredd brings the ENNIE award-winning RPG to the streets of Mega-City One

What is Dread: Dredd

Dread: Dredd is a storytelling game set in the iconic world of 2000 AD’s Judge Dredd.

One player takes on the role of the Host, tasked with representing the mayhem and magnificence of Mega-City One and its inhabitants. The other players act as characters living in the shadow of the Statue of Judgement, doing whatever it takes to thrive and survive.

Of course, surviving isn’t always so easy. When the players are faced with difficult or dangerous actions, they must pull wooden blocks from a tower to discover whether they succeed. If the tower comes crashing down, their character dies. The stakes are high when you take on the Judges but there is some hope in your new character abilities, reflecting the city’s wide range of inhabitants.

How to Play

When a character is doing something difficult or dangerous, or must respond to something happening in the world, their player must make at least one pull from the tower.

When pulling follow these laws:
• Only one hand touch the tower at a time.
• The block you pull must be from beneath the topmost complete layer
• After pulling, place the block atop the tower
• The topmost layer must have three blocks in it before you can add another layer.

If the player makes the pull, their character succeeds at whatever the pull was for. If they choose not to complete the pull, their character fails to do what the pull was for. The consequences for such a failure can be many things, but it cannot be the character’s death. However if you cause the tower to fall, for any reason, your character dies.

After a player makes an initial pull, the Host may tempt them with extra pulls to get a little more for their effort, like to make sure their actions go unnoticed, or that everyone on the crew remains safe.

Each character has a reserve of blocks and three abilities they can use in certain situations to gain advantages or reduce the risk involved with certain actions. Using these wisely can be the difference between life and death on the streets of Mega-City One,

Walter, former Justice Department droid and somewhat reluctant co-conspirator