Adventure Presents is a series of stand-alone RPGs from some of the most exciting designers and artists in the industry.

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About Adventure Presents

Adventure Presents is an anthology series of stand-alone RPGs from some of the most exciting designers and artists in the industry.

Each issue of the magazine offers a complete story, and contains everything you need to get playing in a matter of minutes – pull-out character sheets, maps, a Game Master’s reference booklet, and more. Don’t worry if you don’t want to pull your copy apart – digital versions of the key handouts are available as free downloads!

All you need are three six-sided dice, some pencils, and a group of friends ready for an adventure!

How to Play

One player is the Games Master (GM), while the others control up to six Protagonists who will lead the story. The magazine has been carefully laid out for ease of GMing, keeping all of the important information available at a glance. The rules are designed to keep the action flowing, while giving the GM a clear structure to work with.

Every roll is contested, so attacks and damage are decided in a single moment. All rolls are on three six-sided dice, so even with the odds against you, you’ll always have a fighting chance.

Each Protagonist has three core elements – their Abilities, their Drives, and their Gear.

Abilities: an indication of what you’re capable of. There are four Abilities, each with a level from 1 to 4. With every action you’ll roll three dice, and remove one result according to your level, then add the others. Spend Resolve to increase your level for a roll, pushing yourself harder when you need it most. But be careful – run out of Health or Resolve and you’ll collapse. Run out of both, and you’re dead.

Drives: three unique goals, needs or habits that drive your decisions and restore your Resolve.

Gear: each character starts with unique Gear which they can add to or replace during the adventure. Whatever it takes to get the job done.

The Enforcer, one of the six playable characters from Tartarus Gate.

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