Is Adventure Presents: Tartarus Gate the game for you?

Written by Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor, and with artwork by Pye Parr, Adventure Presents: Tartarus Gate is a magazine-format RPG that sends you and up to 6 friends blasting off on an adventure of Sci-Fi Horror.

The print and PDF versions of the game are currently on sale at 25% off until 10 December, and you might be wondering if this is the game for you. We thought we’d help you make up your mind by taking a look at what people have been saying about it.

This is really, really neat… I might go as far as to say this is my favourite new format for roleplaying games that I’ve seen in some time!

Shut Up & Sit Down

As part of AwShux, Shut Up & Sit Down took a look at Tartarus Gate: A Role-Playing Game of Sci-Fi Horror. Check out the video above to get a closer look at the debut issue of the Adventure Presents series.

Tartarus Gate is a hit. It achieves some fast-paced sci-fi nastiness that should get your table rolling away within just minutes of cracking open the booklet

Tabletop Gaming Magazine

Richard Jansen-Parkes cracked open a copy of Tartarus Gate for his review in Tabletop Gaming Magazine, praising the game as a “true pick-up-and-play RPG”. You can read the full review here.

Art by Pye Parr

Adventure Presents Tartarus Gate – A Roleplaying Game of Sci-Fi Horror is an impressive first issue, an attractive package that is easy to pick up, prepare, and run—it could be ready to play in thirty minutes!

Review from R’lyeh

Pookie took a close look at the debut issue of the Adventure Presents series for his review, delving into the mechanics of the game and teasing out some of the story. You can read more here.

It’s great fun and we can’t wait to see what Rebellion does next with this format.

Starburst Magazine

Ed Fortune over at Starburst Magazine gave the issue 4 stars out of 5, praising the 2000 AD vibe he got from Pye Parr’s excellent artwork. Head on over to their website for his full thoughts.

Think you’ve got what it takes to embark on an adventure in the dark depths of space? Order your copy of Adventure Presents: Tartarus Gate today!