Sir Ian Livingstone’s classic Judge Dredd Board Game returns!

40 years after its original release, Rebellion Unplugged is thrilled to announce a new edition of Sir Ian Livingstone’s classic board game Judge Dredd: The Game of Crime Fighting in Mega-City One.

The cover to Judge Dredd: The Game of Crime-Fighting in Mega-City One

Coming in November, the game sees players take on the role of Judges competing to prove themselves the greatest crime fighter in Mega-City One. Each turn they patrol the board and bust Perps, using their action cards to gain crucial advantages or sabotage their enemies. It’s a cut-throat world on the mean streets of Mega-City One, and if you want to reach the top you can’t be too worried about who you stand on to get there!

This new edition introduces the Specialist Judges expansion, casting players as one of six unique characters from across the history of Judge Dredd. Each has a special ability that will change how players approach the game, whether that be the brute strength of the Mechanismo droid, the innate abilities of the Psi Judge, the unrivalled authority of the Chief Judge, the added support available to the fresh-faced Cadet, the brutal methods of the Special Judicial Squad, or the … unique skills of the undercover Wally Squad!

The Mechanismo standee on the board from Ian Livingstone's Judge Dredd with perp and crime cards laid out around it. In the background is the Chief Judge standee.

Alongside the expansion, the game features new and updated cards, revised rules for faster play, and recoloured artwork from iconic artists Brian Bolland and Ian Gibson, giving players the ultimate Judge Dredd experience!

Designer Sir Ian Livingstone said, “I’m thrilled that Rebellion Unplugged is publishing my Judge Dredd board game. It’s 40 years since players first had the chance to drive around Mega-City One to arrest the Angel Gang, Judge Death and other perps for their various crimes. The additional rules, action cards and recoloured art combine to make the new edition a game that I hope every Dredd fan will want to play.”

Duncan Molloy, Head of Rebellion Unplugged, commented “It’s a delight to be working with Ian, and a real treat to revisit one of the true classics of British board-gaming. We’ve kept the gonzo spirit of the original while giving it a fresh look and adding new characters like the Specialist Judges, to make this edition a real celebration of the last 40 years.”

The Wally Squad standee standing on the board in a sector with a Perp and Crime card. In front of them is their Specialist Judge token. It reads:


You can exit and move through Sectors with revealed Perps.

If you enter a Sector with an unrevealed Perp, reveal it and end your movement.

You do not have to arrest Perps in your Sector.


Mega-City One. A vast 22nd century metropolis of 800 million citizens, each one a potential criminal. Under the watchful eye of the Judges no one escapes justice, whether their crime is littering or murder.


Head out onto the streets of Mega-City One and prove that you are worthy of the badge. Bring the Angel Gang, Judge Death, Orlok the Assassin and other notorious lawbreakers to justice. But be warned – they won’t go down without a fight, and even a lowlife sugar-addict can take you out if they get lucky.

This new edition of Ian Livingstone’s iconic game offers the ultimate Judge Dredd experience, with updated rules, refreshed graphic design and the introduction of the Specialist Judges – unique playable characters equipped with powerful abilities to help keep Mega-City One in order!

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