Happy Hour brings more mayhem to Block Mania!

Happy Hour is the second expansion for Block Mania, first published in Games Workshop’s White Dwarf magazine. Originally printed on paper, the components are included in our reprint of Mega-Mania as counters for the first time? But what does Happy Hour include?

The Jaeger Squad

Jaeger means hunter. Jaeger squads are the elite of the blocks’ city-def forces. The Jaeger squads are particularly expert in commando style operations such as surprise attacks, mountaineering, demolition and sabotage. They have roughly the same mentality as the twentieth century SAS – roughly half-way between grim determination and a crazed death-wish.

While they may not be the toughest Blockers out there, Jaegers are heavily armed, highly mobile troops that are sure to cause your opponents a real headache. They boast the highest Movement Allowance, and are equipped with mountaineering gear to give them some excellent added mobility. As if that wasn’t enough, they also have a Command Value of zero, meaning they can be moved every turn without cost.  


Real pets of any kind are a rarity in MC-1. Foodstuffs are in short-supply, licenses are expensive and the penalties for letting a pet foul a mall or block part are, like most punishments in the Mega-City, draconian in the extreme. For this reason ‘real’ pets are extremely rare, most people prefer cleaner, more hygienic and less risky robotic substitutes for their “best friends”.

In the chaos of Block Mania, you need to grab every advantage you can get, even if that means unleashing your robotic pet to tear your opponents limb from limb. Using the Fido Kill! action you can send your robodog tearing through the city block towards the nearest enemy, attacking them with a strength of +3, after which the Robodog counter is removed from play.

Sucker Guns

Sucker Guns shoot a lightweight but intensely resilient thread attached to a sucker or grapnel head. These are fired at the walls of neighboring blocks and allow their users to swing downwards and across the gap between the blocks.

The Sucker Gun is the perfect bit of hardware for someone looking to make an entrance. A counter equipped with it can move from one window square to another on the opposite wall, swinging between the blocks and crashing through the window to get the jump on your opponents. This isn’t without it’s risks though – miss the window and you’ll crash into the wall, which could be fatal.


Trip-Mines are large explosive charges which, once set, are detonated by heat seeking and vibration sensors which detect the presence of people passing nearby.

A blocker carrying a mine can lay it in any block square, guaranteeing a bad day for anyone who steps on the space and potentially causing the block to come crashing down. If you’re feeling particularly sneaky, you can lay a dummy by leaving an ordinary armoury counter face down to try to trick your opponent into thinking you’ve laid a mine, but be warned – if a counter moves onto a space with one of these “dummies” on it they can pick up the piece at no extra cost.

Spit Cannon

Spit Cannon are simply heavier versions of the ordinary spit pistols to be found in any Block’s City-Def armoury. They’re principally designed for fire against flying vehicles but are equally devastating against personnel and plascrete.

This Heavy Weapon is absolutely devastating, with impressive range and a +6 damage modifier. You’ve also got the choice of using Incendiary Fire, reducing the damage bonus to +5 but allowing you to place a fire marker in the target square.

The Happy Hour expansion also introduces some secret weapons that bring maximum chaos to your tabletop – we’ll be looking at them in a future blog!

The Happy Hour expansion is included in the Mega-Mania expansion box. Order your copy today!