The noble protector – the Knight in Tiny in the Tower!

Tiny in the Tower is the latest issue of Adventure, the pick-up-and-play RPG series where everything you need is included in a single magazine!

On the blog today we’re looking at the Knight, one of the six pre-made characters included in Adventure Presents: Tiny in the Tower.

For players, the only preparation you need to do ahead of the game is reading your character sheet and giving your adventurer a name!

The Knight

The Knight is a noble protector with a tragic past, determined to use their strength to protect those weaker than them. Their Drives encourage you to lean into this, allowing you to refresh their Resolve by being Protective, Courageous, and Strong. Don’t be shy to take a hit for your friends – with the Knight’s Resplendent Armour allowing you to spend a point of Resolve to reduce Damage you receive by two, you can weather knocks that would stagger others with ease!  

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