The kindly herbalist – the Witch in Tiny in the Tower!

Tiny in the Tower is the latest issue of Adventure, the pick-up-and-play RPG series where everything you need is included in a single magazine!

On the blog today we’re looking at the Witch, one of the six pre-made characters included in Adventure Presents: Tiny in the Tower.

For players, the only preparation you need to do ahead of the game is reading your character sheet and giving your adventurer a name!

The Witch

Driven from their home by angry townsfolk who confused a delicious stew with deadly poison, the Witch is a gentle and wise soul. Adventuring to avoid running into another angry mob, their Drives are to be Kind and Trusting with those they meet along the way, and they are ever the Earthy one. With plenty of Wits, Smarts, and magical abilities at their disposal, they have much more to offer than just a bolstering meal!

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