Specialist Judge Spotlight – The Wally Squad

Coming this November, Judge Dredd: The Game of Crime-Fighting in Mega-City One brings Ian Livingstone’s classic board game back to the tabletop. This new edition has been updated to offer the ultimate Judge Dredd experience, including the introduction of the brand new Specialist Judges expansion.

This optional expansion allows players to take control of one of six unique Judges from throughout the history of Judge Dredd, each with special abilities to offer new ways to approach the game.

Following on from last week’s investigation of the Mechanismo, we’re continuing our investigation of the Specialist Judges with a closer look at the Wally Squad!

The Wally Squad

A standee of Dirty Frank standing a board depicting Mega-City One, with a Perp and Crime card beneath him and his Specialist Token in front of him.

The token reads:
You can exit and move through Sectors with revealed Perps.
If you enter a Sector with an unrevealed Perp, reveal it and end your movement.
You do not have to arrest Perps in your sector"

The Wally Squad act as an undercover unit within the Justice Department. Embedded among citizens or criminal organisations they are given a degree of flexibility not usually afforded to Judges, including in matters of hygiene.

You’d be excused for confusing the Wally Squad with a Perp, but that is where you get your greatest advantage when playing as them!

When moving around the map as the Wally Squad, you can move through Sectors that have revealed Perps in them, allowing you to bypass the most serious crimes or ones that don’t seem worth your time. If you move into a space with an unrevealed Perp in it you still have to end your movement – don’t want to break your cover when you don’t know whose out there!

Speaking of breaking your cover, the Wally Squad is the only Judge who doesn’t have to attempt to arrest a Perp in their Sector. Just remember, you win the game by racking up the most points through arrests, not by having a leisurely stroll around Mega-City One!

Will you be darting through the back-streets of Mega-City One as the Wally Squad in Judge Dredd: The Game of Crime-Fighting in Mega-City One? Preorder your copy today!