Sniper Elite: The Board Game Specialist Spotlight – The Sniper

Designed by David Thompson and Roger Tankersley, Sniper Elite: The Board Game brings the award-winning video game to the tabletop, with one player stalking through the shadows as Karl Fairburne while their opponents attempt to track them down.

In today’s blog we’re taking a look at another of the Specialists you can play as in Sniper Elite: The Board Game – the German Sniper.

Playing as the German Sniper

What could be better than beating the Sniper at his own game? With the German Sniper specialist, twice per game you’ll be able to delve into the shot bag yourself as you attempt to pick off your enemy from range.

For this Specialist, positioning is everything. You’ll want to make the most of the added range, but be wary about leaving yourself out in the open, as line of sight goes both ways. Of course, if you are too cautious you may miss that golden opportunity to take the shot.

As with the Jager, this Specialist gives you the opportunity to land both wounds on your opponent in one turn. How aggressive you want to be with this is up to you – do you save your shots for closer to the end of the game in case the situation is desperate, or will the slightest flicker of movement be enough for you to fire.

When taking a shot, you can draw a maximum of seven shot tokens. Unlike the Allied Sniper, you don’t need to be wary of giving away your position, but your rifle can still jam if you draw a combination of 5 noise and recoil tokens. How risky this is will depend on how your opponent is playing.

The German Sniper miniature from the Deluxe Upgrade Kit

Playing against the German Sniper

As the Allied Sniper, you’ll want to outmanouevre your opposite number as best you can. Staying out of line of sight is likely to be your best bet, but you probably won’t be able to stick to the shadows for the whole game. As your enemies close in around you, it will get harder for you to move undetected, so if you do need to move through your opponent’s line of sight try to make the shot as difficult as possible.  

It’s also worth remembering that they are working with the same shot bag as you are – your successes will make the enemy Sniper more powerful, but if you have had to add a lot of Noise tokens to the bag then they won’t pose such a threat.

Does the idea of counter-sniping your opponent appeal to you? Pre-order your copy of Sniper Elite: The Board Game today!