Sniper Elite: The Board Game Specialist Spotlight – The Radio Operator

Designed by David Thompson and Roger Tankersley, Sniper Elite: The Board Game brings the award-winning video game to the tabletop, with one player stalking through the shadows as Karl Fairburne while their opponents attempt to track them down.

On the blog today we’re taking a look at the Radio Operator, one of the Specialist Officers the defending players can choose at the start of the game, and how their special ability can help to thwart the Allies plans.

For the Defending forces in Sniper Elite: The Board Game, keeping your soldiers in good positions will often be the difference between victory and defeat. Blocking the Sniper’s path can be just as important as dealing damage to them, and the Radio Operator is a Specialist who can help you do just that.

Playing as the Radio Operator

This Specialist grants the German forces some excellent mobility, with their unique ability allowing players to deploy a soldier from any squad to a position adjacent to the Radio Operator.

In game, this special ability opens up a range of different possibilities. Use him offensively by rushing around the board to where the Sniper was last spotted and calling in reinforcements to quickly corner him. Alternatively, have him take up a central position and spread out with the rest of your forces, knowing you could call them back if needed. 

Of course, it’s the job of the Sniper to turn the strengths of each Specialist against them. If you manage to outsmart the Radio Operator, the German Forces may quickly find they’ve focused their forces in entirely the wrong place!

Dev Update

We wanted to give you a little look behind the scenes with the Radio Operator. We’d initially commissioned a piece of artwork with him sitting at a table, but that didn’t really reflect the way he played in the game, and we weren’t too keen on the idea of having a miniature of an officer sat at a desk..

The initial draft artwork

We had the piece redone so that he was standing, and then tweaked slightly to give him a Luger in his hand rather than a clipboard so that the artwork matches the miniature that is added in the Deluxe Upgrade Pack.

Clipboard Sketch and Final Artwork

Here’s a closer look at the miniature from the Deluxe Upgrade Pack for the Radio Operator.

The Radio Operator Miniature from the Deluxe Upgrade Kit

Sniper Elite: The Board Game is now available for Late Pledges! Preorder your copy today!