Sniper Elite: The Board Game – Late Pledges are open!

Did you miss the Kickstarter campaign for Sniper Elite: The Board Game? No need to panic – Late Pledges are now available through our BackerKit Preorder Store, allowing you to preorder your copy of the game today.

There are three different levels for you to choose between.

Sniper Elite: The Board Game

Preorders at this level will receive a copy of the core game. This includes 10 unique miniatures, two different maps to play across, dry-wipe hidden boards for the Sniper to use to chart their movement, and all the cards and tokens you need to play Sniper Elite: The Board Game.

Order Sniper Elite: The Board Game here.

Sniper Elite – Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition gets you a copy of the core game as well as the Deluxe Upgrade Kit, which adds unique miniatures for each of the Specialist Officers, custom clay shot tokens, a velvet-effect embroidered shot bag, and the Teste-Kill miniature.

The Deluxe Upgrade Kit will only be available through Kickstarter and these Late Pledges, with a limited number also available through our webstore when the game releases.

Order Sniper Elite – Deluxe Edition here.

Sniper Elite – All in Bundle

The All in Bundle gets you absolutely everything that is available for Sniper Elite: The Board Game – the core game, the Deluxe Upgrade Kit, and the Eagle’s Nest Expansion.

The expansion adds two new maps to the game – the infamous Eagle’s Nest and the Heavy Water Facility – each providing the Allied Sniper and the defending Axis forces with new challenges to face.

It also includes 4 alternate Snipers for the Allied player to choose from at the start of the game, each with their own unique skillset and miniature to represent them. Choose between Karl and Rosa from Sniper Elite, Jun from Zombie Army, and Major Eazy from the Battle comics.

Order Sniper Elite – All in Bundle here.

We’ll have plenty more posts about the game in the coming weeks and months, so keep an eye on the blog for more information about Sniper Elite: The Board Game!