Sniper Elite is on Kickstarter now

Back the game the board game industry is raving about.

“I think this is one of the best hidden movement games I’ve ever played – fast, thematic, interesting, unique and with very little downtime.”

– Tom Vasel, the Dice Tower.

“At some point a board game media person who I will not name, whiskey in hand, stopped by to say hi. I was contemplating my turn when someone must have asked him what his favorite game was so far, because all I remember is him exclaiming, “SNIPER ELITE IS #$^*ING AWESOME. GAME OF THE CON”. This is how I learned about Sniper Elite.”

“your odds go up and down not just based on environmental factors (the length and difficulty of the shot) but on how your nerves are handling the pressure of the mission.”

“I’m not saying that Sniper Elite is going to revolutionize gaming, but I do think there’s a lot of potential for it to quickly become my favorite hidden movement game.”

–          The Thoughtful Gamer (written review)

  “I really like the idea of a hidden movement game where the One is not only the ‘good guy’ but is able to exact fear across the table to the other players.  Overall I believe this game will generate a really great level of tension and excitement around the table.”

–          Polyhedron Collider

“probably my favorite of all the games I played at the convention”

” I absolutely love the way designers David Thompson and Roger Tankersley handled this one”

“a tense and harrowing affair”

 – Punchboard Media

“I heard about it on Friday night and people were raving about it, like ‘this is the game of the con, it’s incredible’”

It does look very cool. It very much plays out like a stealth videogame.

The shooting mechanism was really cool.

I think it has a lot of potential.

It felt really, really nice.

Thoughtful Gamer (podcast)

“It was very edge-of-your-seat.

Even in the smaller form we were playing, I would play it over and over again.

I need to have this.”

The Secret Cabal

You can find the game here.