Sniper Elite – Limited Restock of Deluxe Upgrade Kit and Eagle’s Nest expansion!

We are releasing a very limited number of copies of the Deluxe Upgrade Kit and the Eagle’s Nest expansion on our webstore on Thursday 17 November at 3PM GMT.

The Eagle’s Nest expansion gives players two new maps to fight across, as well as additional loadout and solo cards and four alternate Snipers for the Allied player to play as. Each of these characters has their own unique ability and shot-bag composition, offering new challenges for the Sniper and Defenders alike.

The Deluxe Upgrade Kit includes unique sculpts for all of the Specialist Officers (and the Kennel Master’s dogs!), as well as clay weighted shot tokens and an embroidered shot-bag to keep them in!

The limited copies we have left will be made available on Thursday 17 November at 3PM GMT.