Sniper Elite: The Board Game Bundle

Released 18th May 2022

Sniper Elite: The Board Game Bundle
Sniper Elite: The Board Game Bundle

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The Bundle gives you everything included in the base game, the Eagle’s Nest expansion and the Deluxe Upgrade Kit for the ultimate Sniper Elite: The Board Game experience.

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Sniper Elite: The Board Game

Bring the hit video game to your tabletop with Sniper Elite: The Board Game, a hidden movement game of deception and deduction for 1-4 players. Stalk through the shadows as elite Allied sniper Karl Fairburne, or team up to command the defending Axis forces and hunt down your enemy before it’s too late!

Sniper Elite: Eagle’s Nest

Allied intelligence has identified two new targets: the infamous Eagle’s Nest, holiday retreat for the Axis Elite, and a Heavy Water Plant crucial to enemy efforts to create nuclear weapons of their own. Strikes against these targets would be a decisive blow, and the Allies have some new elite operatives ready for action.

Sniper Elite: Deluxe Upgrade Kit

Unique Specialist Miniatures

Have each Specialist represented on the battlefield, with custom sculpts matching the card artwork for each officer. This includes two miniatures for the Kennel Master’s hounds.

Custom Weighted Clay Shot Tokens & Embroidered Shot Bag

Make a successful shot even more satisfying with the Custom Weighted Clay Shot Tokens, complete with an oversized embroidered shot bag for them all to fit into.

Teste-Kill Miniature

Celebrate one of the greatest shots in video game history with the Teste-Kill Miniature, highlighting the expert marksmanship of Allied sniper Karl Fairburne.

Play time
45 min
Age range
Contents (Sniper Elite: The Board Game)
10 Unique Miniatures
Double-Sided Playing Board
2 Dry-Wipe Hidden Boards
55 Cards
Contents (Eagle's Nest)
4 Unique Miniatures
Double-Sided Playing Board
2 Dry-Wipe Hidden Boards
40 Cards
Contents (Deluxe Upgrade Kit)
6 Unique Specialist Miniatures
2 Guard Dog Miniatures
1 Teste-Kill Miniature
30 Custom Clay Tokens
Embroidered Shot Bag
Game Design by David Thompson & Roger Tankersley
Solo Mode Design by Dávid Turczi & Noralie Lubbers
Artwork by Edouard Grould, David Lanza & Ed Savage
Sculpts by Dave Kidd