Block Mania

Released 2nd December 2020

Block Mania
Block Mania

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A brand-new limited edition printing of the Games Workshop classic, back for the first time in over 30 years!
Block Mania is a face-paced 2 player game of manic destruction in Mega-City One, home of Judge Dredd. Each player controls the citizens of an entire Mega-City block, as they attempt to destroy the block next door – or at least do a lot of damage before the Judges arrive and stop all the fun!
This limited-edition replica printing brings the classic work of Space Hulk designer Richard Halliwell back to print for the first time in decades. Relive the chaos of Juves soaring in bat-suits; hungry alien Kleggs commandeering Sky-Rail cars; and City-Def forces infiltrating the neighbouring block to blow it to smithereens, before the Judges unleash the riot foam to shut you down.

What you get

  • Two different game boards, each depicting a side view of an entire Mega-City block.
  • Two counter sheets – one per Block – each with 89 counters to represent troops, weapons and equipment as well as damage, collapse and fire markers.
  • A deck of 55 double-sided cards, used to play numerous dirty tricks during the game. When the last card is drawn, the quickfire endgame begins as the Judges arrive.
  • A detailed, comprehensive rulebook based on extensive testing by highly trained professional scrawlers, fatties, perps and spugs.
  • A Blocker’s Manual telling players just what they can do with the multitude of weapons, tools and instruments of total destruction in the game.
  • …And two dice!
Play time
120 min
Age range
2 unique game boards
54 cards
180 counters
2 dice
Blockers' Manual