Introducing the Allies – Alternate Snipers in Sniper Elite: Eagle’s Nest

On this blog we’re taking a look at the Allies, one of the modular additions included in Sniper Elite: Eagle’s Nest, the expansion to Sniper Elite: The Board Game.

With the Axis threat growing, the Allies need all the help they can get to turn the tides of war in their favour. The Allies expansion, included in Sniper Elite: Eagle’s Nest , brings new operatives to the game for the sniper player, usable in both the multiplayer and the solo game.

At the start of the game the sniper player can choose from these 4 alternate characters to use in the game. Each has their own unique abilities and shot bag composition, giving the sniper new playstyles to master and the defending forces tricky new opponents.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these powerful Allied operatives!

Alternate Karl – Sniper Elite 

If you’re looking to blow your opponents away with expert marksmanship, the Karl variant is the character for you. His shot bag is stacked from the get-go, giving you a whopping 7 hit tokens and dropping the number of recoil tokens down to just 1.

This gives him the best starting accuracy of any of the Allies, but that’s not all this alternate Karl brings to the table. If he doesn’t move he can shoot twice in one turn – bad news for any guards who get caught out in the open.

This does all come at a cost though. Whilst his high-powered rifle is great for eliminating threats from a distance, it lacks subtlety when up-close and personal. When firing at targets 2 or fewer spaces away from you, you have to add a noise token to your bag after taking the shot, making future shots more difficult and giving your opponents valuable information.

Jun – Zombie Army 4 

Jun brings a little bit of Weird War II to your games of Sniper Elite: The Board Game. Coming over from Zombie Army 4, she’s more familiar with fighting zombies than soldiers, but her Modified Mosin-Nagant seems to work just as well regardless of the target.

Firing electrified bullets, Jun’s rifle has the potential to take out multiple enemies with a single shot as the energy arcs to any units adjacent to the target. Officers who decide to group up their squads when up against this Sniper really are just asking for trouble…

Unsurprisingly, it isn’t all good news for Jun. For each additional unit removed, she must add a noise token to her shot bag instead of a hit/suppression token. Some of those combos might look appealing, but your shot bag could get unmanageable pretty quickly if you aren’t careful!

Roza – Sniper Elite 

Another familiar face for Sniper Elite players, Roza is the perfect option for anyone looking to put the emphasis on stealth as they dart across the board towards their objectives. She brings the Delisle Carbine with her, boasting an integrated suppressor that will hopefully keep her opponents guessing as to where she could be.

Her shot bag starts with only 1 noise token, so there’s no chance of giving yourself away in the early game by drawing two noise tokens when you take a shot. The downside is the reduced range – Roza can draw a maximum of 5 tokens when taking a shot. It’s far less likely for the enemy to pinpoint your exact position by you drawing 2 noise tokens, but they’ll have a good idea of the areas you could possibly be in.

Major Eazy – Battle Comics 

Major Eazy never really bought into the whole “stealth” idea. He was brought in to do a job, and he’s going to do it his way.

His starting shot bag has 3 Hit, 3 Noise, and 3 Recoil tokens, which at first glance looks pretty hard to work with. However, his unique ability means that Noise tokens also count as Hit tokens when shooting. You’ve got a pretty decent chance of successfully taking out your enemy, even if you’re more likely to give yourself away in the process (it’s gotta be harder to hide from your enemies if you insist on smoking a cigar all the time anyway).

Some advice for the defenders – if Major Eazy is on the battlefield, you’re probably going to want to bring the Medic.

Excited to bring these elite operatives to your tabletop? Preorder your copy of Sniper Elite: The Board Game and the Eagle’s Nest expansion today!