Get your game on – 25% off Block Mania, Mega Mania, and Tartarus Gate!

With delays still affecting postage, we’ve decided to kick off our Christmas sale early to give you plenty of time to get your games.

We’re running the sale until 10 December to give you plenty of time to get your orders in. However, pressure on the postal services is likely to grow in the coming months, so if you want to make sure your games arrive before the big day you won’t want to leave it until the last minute!

For 2000 AD fans, you can also find a wide range of products on offer on their webstore. Be sure to check it out and pick up a bargain!

Please note: International shipping is still very badly affected by problems and delays that are beyond our control. There may therefore be waits of up to 10-12 weeks for some overseas orders to arrive. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Block Mania & Mega-Mania

Bring the chaos and mayhem of Mega-City One to your tabletop with a limited-edition replica printing of the 80’s classic Block Mania. In this two-player game, each player controls the citizens of an entire Mega-City block as they attempt to destroy the block next door – or at least do it a lot of damage before the Judges arrive!

The Mega-Mania expansion is also available, allowing up to four players to join the chaos at once and including the Happy Hour expansion inside the box for the first time.

You can grab both for a great price with the bundle deal, also available at 25% off as part of the sale.

Tartarus Gate: A Role-playing Game of Sci-Fi Horror

Head into the depths of space with Adventure Presents: Tartarus Gate, a complete RPG for up to seven players from writers Grant Howitt & Chris Taylor, with art from Pye Parr.

Designed to last three to four sessions, with the possibility to extend beyond into the world you’ve created, the game includes everything you need to play in person or online.

You can pick up the physical and PDF versions of the game at a 25% discount – order your copy today!