Adventure Presents: Tartarus Gate – The Scavenger

Written by Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor, with art by Pye Parr, Tartarus Gate gives you everything you need for a Sci-Fi adventure with up to 7 players, including pull-out rules, maps, handouts, and premade character sheets.

Today we’re taking a closer look at the Scavenger, an augmented data miner that players can choose as their character in games of Adventure Presents: Tartarus Gate: A Role-Playing Game of Sci-Fi Horror.

The Scavenger

Art by Pye Parr

“Following the structural implosion of the great unified server farm on Earth’s moon, you’re one of the desperate people who venture deep into the twisted wreckage to try and salvage usable data. It’s the fashion amongst successful data miners to blow their earnings on flashy cybernetic upgrades: pneumatic arms, multi-spectrum energy scanners wired up to their brains, and so on.

You joined up with a crew and found a valuable deposit of 2090s movies to fence. When you decided to screw your associates out of their cut, they caught you in the act. Now penniless and on the run, you signed up to a corporate gig on board Charon in an attempt to get out of the blasted remains of the Sol system intact.”


This position aboard Charon is the Scavenger’s ticket away from their troubled past, but working as part of the team might be a challenge for them. They’re a bit of a loner, constantly looking for ways to vent their anger, and are determined that no matter what happens, they are going to come out on top.

To help with scavenging (and dealing with any of the problems they might come across while out there) the Scavenger is fitted with Power Lifters; custom pneumatic arm implants that give them an automatic 10 on Toughness rolls 3 times before running out of juice.

Order your copy of Adventure Presents: Tartarus Gate today and see how you fare in the depths of space.