Adventure Presents: Tartarus Gate – The Influencer

Written by Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor, with art by Pye Parr, Tartarus Gate gives you everything you need for a Sci-Fi adventure with up to 7 players, including pull-out rules, maps, handouts, and premade character sheets.

Today we’re taking a closer look at the Influencer, one of the premade characters from Tartarus Gate: A Role-Playing Game of Sci-Fi Horror by Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor.

The Influencer

Artwork by Pye Parr

You got wired with a PASSENGER neural tap right after you dropped out of school; it can broadcast everything you feel to audiences hooked up to receivers, and plenty of folks make a living off streaming their lives. You were pretty good at it too; but resorted to faking your output with digital boosters when you lost your edge. When word got out you fell from grace overnight.

This internship – your first real job, as far as your parents are concerned – isn’t an attempt to lay low and wait for the scandal to blow over. Not at all. No, this is an opportunity to find yourself – plenty of time to unplug and meditate, to reconnect with who you really are, you know?


Smart and witty, the Influencer is great in situations that require a little thought rather than brute strength. They’re keen to come up with creative solutions for things, and if that also leads to some great footage to share with their fans then even better!

In terms of starting gear, the Influencer is hooked up to a Passenger Neural Jack, which lets them transmit their sensations to another Protagonist, as well as a Mnemosyne Datavault that can record things they experience through their neural jack. Another fancy bit of kit they’ve got at their disposal is the Wonderland A.R. Array, perfect for projecting AR stimuli into everyone nearby.

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