Adventure Presents: Tartarus Gate – The Enforcer

Tartarus Gate: A Role-Playing Game of Sci-Fi Horror is the debut issue of Adventure Presents, an anthology series of stand-alone RPGs from some of the most exciting designers and artists in the industry.

Written by Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor, with art by Pye Parr, Tartarus Gate gives you everything you need for a Sci-Fi adventure with up to 7 players, including pull-out rules, maps, handouts, and premade character sheets. On the blog today we’re looking at one of these characters – the Enforcer.

“You were a well-respected agent on VIGIL, a freelance justice app created by the OBOL Corporation. The app allows users to report legal or societal infractions and empowers agents to apprehend subjects and bring them to district-specific processing centres for their punishment – in exchange for a tidy bonus for both the person who reported the crime and the agent who brought in the criminal.

Things were going well – you had your own flat and a deposit down on a dog – but when you arrested the wrong person, their influential friends review-bombed you into poverty. You fell behind on your rent, and out of desperation (and a desire for a new start) you leveraged what little sway you had with OBOL to secure a placement onboard Charon. There’s nothing left in the Hebridean Arcologies for you anymore; maybe you’ll have more luck in Tartarus Gate.”


The Enforcer is a well-rounded character – definitely handy to have around in most situations the team might find themselves in aboard Charon. Honourable and caring, they are drawn towards helping anyone in trouble.

In terms of starting gear, the Enforcer starts with a bottle of Blackout, which can be used to gain Resolve at the expense of their Wits, as well as Vision Jacks that can boost their Wits or Agility at the cost of some health.

Does the Enforcer sound like a character you would like to play as?

Order your copy of Adventure Presents: Tartarus Gate today and see how you fare in the depths of space.