Adventure Presents: Tartarus Gate – AwShux preview and free rules download!

Tartarus Gate: A Role-Playing Game of Sci-Fi Horror is the debut issue of Adventure Presents, an anthology series of stand-alone RPGs from some of the most exciting designers and artists in the industry.

The series is designed around accessibility and ease of play for beginner and established players alike. For a closer look at how it achieves this, here’s Quinns from Shut Up & Sit Down to give you a quick run-through of how it works!

The Adventure System – free download!

Tartarus Gate is the first issue of the series, and we’ve got plenty more in the works for release in 2022. Each issue uses the same core ruleset, known as the Adventure system, which you can download for free with the link below.

As well as the rules, each issue provides pre-made character sheets for up to 6 players, a full Adventure Book and GM Reference Book to help the Game Master run the game, and other useful maps and handouts to share with the players. With the addition of some pencils and some six-sided dice, you and your friends will be ready to play in no time!

Eager to head out on an adventure of Sci-Fi Horror? Both the Print and PDF versions of Tartarus Gate are currently available at a 25% discount – order your copy today!