A nimble hero – the Daredevil in Tiny in the Tower!

Tiny in the Tower is the latest issue of Adventure, the pick-up-and-play RPG series where everything you need is included in a single magazine!

On the blog today we’re looking at the Daredevil, one of the six pre-made characters included in Adventure Presents: Tiny in the Tower.

For players, the only preparation you need to do ahead of the game is reading your character sheet and giving your adventurer a name!

The Daredevil

Growing up on the streets and trained by a martial arts master, the Daredevil hopes to one day become the type of hero they dreamed of when they were a child. Perhaps this adventure will give them a chance to show what they are made of? With their Calm, Swift, and Heroic Drives, you probably have a good idea of how you might want to approach the challenges in your way, and their high Agility and trusty slingshot are sure to come in handy in as you traverse the tower!

Will you be playing as the Daredevil in the latest issue of Adventure Presents? Pre-order your copy of Tiny in the Tower today!